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Rain Design iLevel 2

Rain Design iLevel 2
April 29, 2017 No Comments » Uncategorized Ruff

The Rain Design mStand 360 comes to the rescue as a laptop stand suited to Apple MacBooks, guaranteed to turn more than heads.


Approx $99 AUD, $66 USD (Amazon), GBP68, EU


Superbly executed

Simple Height Adjustment

Get’s your MacBook display at just the right height


A little heavy (if 1.6kg is heavy) (though as a plus doesn’t move around once set up)

Rain Design iLevel 2 review: A notebook stand with just the right combination of versatility and style.

Much as Steve Jobs said we were entering a post PC world, the majority of us still rely upon a computer for much of our day to day work.

What many companies have done is to replace that big beige box with a notebook and external display and keyboard. The added bonus for the company. many take that notebook home to continue work in the evening or weekends.

While some use the notebook closed with just the external display, for many the notebook becomes a useful second display. My favourite use is to keep my calendar and chat windows open on the notebook, just to one side of the main display.

To maximise efficiency, the notebook display needs to be perched close to eye level, a quick glance from the main display. After having tried the usual stack of books stand, I found, while the display could be at the right height, the keyboard and trackpad were flat, making it difficult to reach and type/scroll if the bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse should have a signal glitch, or flat battery.

The Rain design iLevel 2 solves that issue, starting at a comfortable height and includes a simple slide adjustment to get the notebook at just the right height and angle for almost any situation.

Rain Design iLevel 2

As you can see the MacBook Pro is at a comfortable height and angle that allows for a quick reach to use the trackpad for multi finger swipes.

(note, in this shot the stand is to one side of the desk for an easy pic)

The MacBook sits cleanly on the stand which has a finish that is very much ‘Apple’.


The iLevel 2 is a solid construction of folded metal with a slider that incorporates dual wheels to adjust the angle.

The thought that has gone into this deign, and the elegance of the solution is very much in Apple style.

A padded lip at the front prevents your laptop from sliding down – while four rubber pads on the top surface of the stand hold the MacBook clear of the metal stand.

This design does make the claim ‘Aluminium base cools your notebook by acting as a heatsink’ somewhat dubious, though the claim ‘tilt design… improves airflow’ is probably correct.


Build quality of the Rain Design iLevel 2 is first class. The metal is all of a generous thickness, and all forming is smooth without wrinkles. Holding in one hand, the stand has a satisfying heft, feeling as though there is no notebook out there that would overload the stand.

Shafts, rollers and knobs are all finely finished and wove smoothly and effortlessly with the MacBook Pro sitting atop the stand.

The Verdict

The Rain Design iLevel 2, is a superbly executed design, with great attention to detain having gone into the design and manufacture. While more complex than simple fixed stands it offers the fine tuning of angle and height to suit almost any user.

In the field of adjustable stands, it is well beyond any other product we have yet to see, and streets ahead of the plastic rubbish one is likely to see for perhaps 15-20 dollars less at the likes of an Officeworks or Staples.

This product is well deserving of a 5 Thumbs up Editor’s Choice!

5 Thumbs

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